Sunday, March 20, 2011


     DRP stands for Direct Repair Program. Most insurance companies have a DRP program set up with many body shops all over the country. In order for a shop to get on an insurance companies preferred DRP list, they must agree to concessions that the insurance company may want. In exchange for the concessions, the insurance companies agree to send the shop customers that don’t know where they want to go for their repairs.

   The bad part of getting your vehicle repaired by a DRP shop is that the concessions the shop has agreed to may include using aftermarket or used parts, cheaper materials, and skipping certain procedures. The DRP shops try to save the insurance companies money by using any short cuts the insurance companies’ demand, so the insurance companies will send them more business.

   The only good part about using a DRP shop to repair your vehicle is that you just drop off your vehicle and the shop does all the dealing the with insurance company, you are kept intentionally out of the loop on how your car will be repaired and will get the repairs done the way the insurance company mandates. Would you rather skip a little bit of involvement, or have your vehicle repaired correctly with your best interest in mind? Remember the diminished value we talked about earlier?

    Beware if the insurance company tries to tell you what shop to go to, this is called steering and illegal in most states. The only way to assure yourself of a quality repair is to choose the shop yourself; it’s your right, not the insurance companies. DRP’s only help the insurance companies to save money, not their customers to get better repairs. It’s your choice, not theirs!